Year 4 Residential Day 2
Sunny Weather!

Year 4 Residential Day 2

We had a brilliant day taking part in art activities in the forest this morning followed by some orienteering activities this afternoon. Just a few heavy showers but not enough to spoil our day...or put us of having an ice cream!

Well done to all of the children who came on the residential for their great behaviour and for participating so well in everything we have done. They are already looking forward their next residential!

A huge thank you to staff as well for giving up their own time to enable this residential to take place.


Thank you to the staff thar voluntarily gave up their time to take them on this great have given them memories to treasure. Lily only stopped talking about it when she nodded off, thoroughly enjoyed herself!
Thank you very much.....enjoy a rest day 😀✨

I just wanted to thank all the Kingsway staff who took and looked after our children on the residential. Giving Shelby opportunities to explore and try new things is a fantastic experience. Shelby had an (in Shelbys words) amazing time! She said she loved every minute of it. Thank you!

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