Year 4 English (wc 01.06.20)

The weeks work focuses on Suffixes. Lesson 1 - Word families Download GPS-Year-4-Spring-Block-4-Step-1-PPT-Word-Families - PDF Download GPS-Year-4-Spring-Block-4-Step-1-PPT-Word-Families Download GPS-Year-4-Spring-Block-4-Step-1-VF-Word-Families Download GPS-Year-4-Spring-Block-4-Step-1-AR-Word-Families Lesson 2 - Words ending in -sure -ture -cher Download GPS-Year-4-Spring-Block-4-Step-2-PPT-Words-Ending-in-sure-ture-cher - PDF Download GPS-Year-4-Spring-Block-4-Step-2-PPT-Words-Ending-in-sure-ture-cher Download GPS-Year-4-Spring-Block-4-Step-2-VF-Words-Ending-in-sure-ture-cher Download GPS-Year-4-Spring-Block-4-Step-2-AR-Words-Ending-in-sure-ture-cher Lesson 3 - Adding -ation -sion -ssion -tion or -cian... Read more →

Weekly Sport Challenge - Athletics (wc 01.06.20)

Download Notts School Games - Athletics Primary FINAL Hi Everyone, Please find above the link to the primary activity pack for next week. The theme next week is Athletics. You can download these yourself plus previous week's activities (Golf, Football,Netball and Orienteering) using the link below: Read more →

Ashfield 'Virtual School Games Week' (wc 01.06.20)

The Ashfield Virtual School Games week is starting Monday next week! We want as many people from Kingsway Primary School and their parents and relatives to take part in the games as possible! Here is a weblink to give you more information about how you can participate in next weeks... Read more →