School Open Monday 5th March
Year 5 Boggle Hole Residential

Year 5/6 Boys Football vs Croft (Home Game)

Yesterday, the Year 5/6 Boys football team came back to salvage a draw against a very impressive Croft Primary School side. With our usual goalkeeper out injured, we had the striker in goal for the first half. Croft opened the scoring first with a fantastic strike that was hit hard and low across the goal. The possession was fairly even through out the half and just before the half time whistle, they had a shot which was heroically saved by our stand in goalkeeper, but unfortunately the shot caused injury to his wrist. One of our defenders had to replace the goalkeeper. Just before the end of the half, a chance fell to our left midfielder who managed to cut in from the wing to score a lovely left foot effort that flew past the keeper and into the back of the net. All tied at 1-1, the second half was Kingsway's turn to shoot down hill. The boys had 3 chances on goal but unfortunately, they were blocked by defenders or from high quality saves from the croft goalkeeper. Then Croft broke through our defence and scored a good goal which went in low, next to the post from a 1 on 1 situation with our goalkeeper. We battled hard and tried to create another chance before the end of the match to try and salvage a draw and the chance needed came from a croft clearance that came out to our team captain in our own half. Taking the shot first time, our captain put his foot through the ball and hit the ball so cleanly and managed to smash it into the top corner of the net from just in our own half. After this shot on goal, the final whistle blew, ending the match at 2-2. 


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