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April 2020

White Rose Maths - Y6 plus all other year groups

Here is a link for White Rose Maths Y6 which covers the next two weeks based around angles. It is a mixture of video and questions. I have posted the link for Y6 but there are resources for all other year groups from EYFS to Y5 for people to look... Read more →

Year 4 - Fronted Adverbials

Here are some presentations and activity sheets for Year 4 work on fronted adverbials. Please click the links to access the content. Lesson 1 - What is an Adverbial Download GPS-Year-4-Autumn-Block-3-Step-1-PPT-What-is-an-Adverbial Download GPS-Year-4-Autumn-Block-3-Step-1-VF-What-is-an-Adverbial Download GPS-Year-4-Autumn-Block-3-Step-1-AR-What-is-an-Adverbial Lesson 2 - Recognising Fronted Adverbials Download GPS-Year-4-Autumn-Block-3-Step-2-PPT-Recognising-Fronted-Adverbials-1 Download GPS-Year-4-Autumn-Block-3-Step-2-VF-Recognising-Fronted-Adverbials-1 Download GPS-Year-4-Autumn-Block-3-Step-2-AR-Recognising-Fronted-Adverbials-1 Lesson 3 -... Read more →

Kingsway Makes The Chad

Please click on the link to access the story about Kingsway in the local paper, the Chad. Read more →