White Rose Maths Worksheets - Every Year group! Wk Beginning 25.5.2020
Year 4 Half Term Activities Bingo

Year 4 Maths (wc 25.05.20)

Please find below the link to access the white rose maths website for tutorial videos for each lesson.


or you can access the links via a pdf here: Download Year-4 - Video links

Kingsway Primary School are now subscribed to the White Rose Maths Hub, and can therefore download the worksheets for each lesson. Please find these below.

Lesson 1 - Add 2 or more fractions

Download Lesson 1 - Add 2 or more fractions 2019

Download Lesson-1-Answers-Add-2-or-more-fractions-2019

Lesson 2 - Subract 2 fractions

Download Lesson 2 - Subtract 2 fractions 2019

Download Lesson-2-Answers-Subtract-2-fractions-2019

Lesson 3 - Fractions of a quantity

Download Lesson 3 - Fractions of a quantity 2019

Download Lesson-3-Answers-Fractions-of-a-quantity-2019

Lesson 4 - Calculate quantities

Download Lesson 4 - Calculate quantities 2019

Download Lesson-4-Answers-Calculate-quantities-2019

Friday Maths Challenge

Please visit the white rose webpage link above.


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