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Year 5 Home Learning wc 10th May

Year 6 Home Learning w/c 11th May

Hi everybody. 

We hope you and your families are well and are staying safe! This week sees the 8th week of the lockdown and there is a slight change to how the work is set out. Please read the timetable letter attachment for full details.

There is the usual learning project, this week focusing on Sport, a topic I know a lot of you will enjoy. The CGP books should now be finished and we have a new book to use attached to this post. Again, the pages we would like you to do are contained in the timetable letter. With the activity booklet please try to do the work on paper, if possible, as it is quite a large booklet.

Download Year6timetable

Download Week8learningproject

Download Y6 Activity Booklet (l)

With the White Rose Maths, there has been a slight change to this. White Rose Maths have decided to allow the videos to be still free but not the worksheets. School has purchased the worksheets and both links to the videos and worksheets/answers are with this post. The first link below is to the video part of the lesson. The second two are for the worksheets and answers that are now not available on the White Rose website. School has purchased this access.

Please make sure you click on w/c 11th May for video lessons.

Download Y6-Week-4-Worksheets

Download Y6-Week-4-Answer

BBC Bitesize continue to provide work and they update it on a daily basis. Again, a link is provided below.

Year 6 news - Kirkby College have sent out some information regarding transition. We will post this on the school website and Facebook page on Monday.

One final bit of news is regarding the Y6 hoodies, again this will be posted on the school website and Facebook on Tuesday.

Best wishes

Mr Wilson/Miss Howlett


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