Y6 Kirkby College Transition Booklet
Year 2 Home Learning Week 10

National School Sport Week at home (wc 22.06.2020)

Hi Everyone,
Next week it is National School Sport Week (NSSW) at home. As a result we are not producing a weekly sport specific activity pack but instead are encouraging everyone to develop and run a virtual sports day either at school or at home for all family members. This includes deciding on events, rules, designing scoresheets and medals and running the competition.
Please find above a link to a pack to help this process and the NSSW activity ideas.
On the activity ideas you can click on the RED activity name to access a video or sheet with instructions.
Each day we will have a theme of the day which are:-
Monday - Athletic activities
Tuesday - Aiming Sports
Wednesday - Team Sports
Thursday - Adventure Sports
Friday - Artistic Sports
Glynn Hall will set a district competition each morning next week, Monday to Thursday (posted on twitter @schoolgames1 & facebook https://www.facebook.com/ashfieldschoolgames/ )  which will be based on the days focus activities. Schools, families and individuals can send in their scores before 5.00pm the same day. Video evidence is NOT needed. Results will be posted the following day. Pupils/Schools can choose to do as many of these competitions as they like (eg one during the week or all 4).
The Friday competition will be linked to Cheerleading. 
Entries will need to be sent by video but the closing date will be 5.00pm on Monday 29th June.


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