Year 4 Maths (wc 22.06.2020)
Year 1 Home Learning - Week 10

Year 4 English (wc 22.06.2020)

Hi Everyone. 

Please find below a summary and timetable for this weeks English work. 

Summary of content

Day 1 – Listening to a story. Revising verbs.  

Day 2 – Revising past tense; identifying and using present perfect tense.

Day 3 – Using the present perfect tense when writing in role.    

Day 4 – Reading a narrative poem. Re-telling the story.  

Day 5 – Reading a narrative poem. Imagining dialogue. Re-telling the story.     

The ‘timetable’ for this week’s teaching and learning is as follows

Day 1 – Children listen to a reading of The Great Kapok Tree. They revise verbs and then practise changing verb tenses and thinking of synonyms.

Download Year 4 Week 5 Day 1

Day 2Provide some input, using the PowerPoint presentation* on the present perfect form. If children can access this PowerPoint, they will hear the voice-over teaching. Children read extracts from The Great Kapok Tree and write about what other animals may have said to the main character.

Download Year 4 Week 5 Day 2

Day 3 – Children look closely at an illustration and then revisit present perfect tense, completing a cloze activity. They write in role as the main character from The Great Kapok Tree.  

Download Year 4 Week 5 Day 3

Day 4 – Children read a poem about the Willow Pattern story. They annotate a picture of a plate to tell the story and make a story plan. They draft descriptive phrases and write a version of the story.

Download Year 4 Week 5 Day 4

Day 5 – Children read a poem about Zeus and the Tortoise. They imagine dialogue between the two characters and write this as direct speech. They plan and write a version of the story.

Download Year 4 Week 5 Day 5


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