Year 4 Maths (wc 29.06.2020)
Year 1 Home Learning - Week 11

Year 4 English (wc29.06.2020)

Hi Everyone, 

Please find below this weeks English work.

Summary of content

Day 1 – Read the start of a story. Make predictions. Answer comprehension questions.  This day leads in to Day 2 when children listen to the whole story. 

Day 2 – This day follows Day 1.  Explore character reactions. Listen to the story being read and reflect about the character of the king.    

Day 3 – Summarise a story. Use imagination and reflection to write a letter to self from future self.

Day 4 – Reading poems. Practising adverbials.      

Day 5 – Reading poems. Practising adverbials. Presenting and learning a favourite poem.      


The ‘timetable’ for this week’s teaching and learning is as follows

Day 1 – Children read the start of Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters. They answer comprehension questions and make notes about characters. This day leads into Day 2 where children hear the whole story.

Download Year 4 Week 6 Day 1

Day 2 – This day follows Day 1. Children read and think about character’s reactions. They listen to the whole story being read. They reflect upon and write notes about the character of the king.

Download Year 4 Week 6 Day 2

Day 3 – Children summarise the story. They read a letter from her future self to Manyara. They use imagination and reflection to write their own letters from their future selves.  

Download Year 4 Week 6 Day 3

Day 4Provide some teacher input, using the PowerPoint presentation* on adverbials. If children can access this PowerPoint, they hear voice-over teaching about adverbials. Children read a poem. They practise using fronted adverbials. They read four further poems, choosing their favourite.

Download Year 4 Week 6 Day 4

Download Adverbials with audio

Day 5 – Children read another poem. They practise writing sentences with fronted adverbials. They find a favourite poem, to match a month of the year – perhaps their birthday month – and write all or some of it out carefully before learning it off by heart.  

Download Year 4 Week 6 Day 5




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