Year 4 - English (08.06.2020)
Year 4 Learning At Home Activity Booklet

Year 4 Maths (wc 08.06.2020)

Hi everyone,

Please find a link to take you to the white rose maths hub home learning webpage where you can what videos of teachers giving teaching input for each daily lesson:

Below are the resource sheets for each lesson.

Lesson 1 - Tenths as decimals

Download Lesson-1-Tenths-as-decimals-2019-1

Download Lesson-1-Answers-Tenths-as-decimals-2019-1

Lesson 2 - Divide 1-digit by 10

Download Lesson-2-Dividing-2-digits-by-10-2019

Download Lesson-2-Answers-Dividing-2-digits-by-10-2019

Lesson 3 - Hundredths as decimals

Download Lesson-3-Hundredths-as-decimals-2019

Download Lesson-3-Answers-Hundredths-as-decimals-2019

Lesson 4 - Divide 1 or 2-digits by 100

Download Lesson-4-Dividing-1-and-2-digits-by-a-hundred-2019

Download Lesson-4-Answers-Dividing-1-and-2-digits-by-a-hundred-2019



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