Year 2 Home Learning Week 9
Year 4 English (wc 15.06.2020)

Year 4 Maths (wc 15.06.2020)

See below maths resources for this week.

To access tutorial videos - please visit the following webpage:

Lesson 1 - Write Decimals

Download Lesson-1-Write-decimals-2020

Download Lesson-1-Answers-Write-decimals-2020

Lesson 2 - Compare Decimals

Download Lesson-2-Compare-decimals-2020

Download Lesson-2-Answers-Compare-decimals-2020

Lesson 3 - Order Decimals

Download Lesson-3-Order-decimals-2020

Download Lesson-3-Answers-Order-decimals-2020

Lesson 4 - Round Decimals

Download Lesson-4-Round-decimals-2020

Download Lesson-4-Answers-Round-decimals-2020


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