Year 3 - Home Learning Activities - WB 06.07.2020
Year 4 Residential News

Year 2 Home Learning Week 12

Hello Year 2,


We all hope you are well and are keeping safe. Below are the home learning activities for this week that you can have a go at. 

Download Week 12 Home Learning grid


Maths worksheets:

Download Y2-Week-12-Worksheets


Maths answer sheets:

Download Y2-Week-12-Answers


(Edit: The videos on the White Rose Hub currently are for Week 11, which can be downloaded here Download Year-2-Summer-Week-11-videos

The videos for Week 12 should be uploaded later in the week, should you need them. If you haven't had a go at the Week 11 sheets that were uploaded last week, use them first. They can be accessed here:  Download Y2-Week-11-Worksheets )


The English work can be downloaded from:


Or by using this link:

Download English_Y2_Week_12_updated


Keep up the hard work!


Mr Hartwell and Miss Hawksworth



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