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Year 1 Home Learning - Week 12

Year 4 English (wc 06.07.2020)

Hi Everyone, 

Please find below the work for this weeks English:

Summary of content

Day 1 – Listening to a story. Practising using adverbials.

Day 2 – Reading opinions. Practising adverbials. Writing a letter.

Day 3 – Reading poems. Identifying ‘secret strings’.      

Day 4 – Reading poems. Answering questions. Writing a comparison.     

Day 5 – Reading poems. Answering questions.       

The ‘timetable’ for this week’s teaching and learning is as follows

Day 1Provide some input, using the PowerPoint presentation* on adverbials. If children can access this PowerPoint, they will hear the voice-over teaching. Children listen to a reading of Zoo by Anthony Browne. They practise using adverbials and write about a day out.

Download Year 4 Week 7 Day 1

Download Adverbials_v2_with_audio

Day 2 – Children read two opposing opinions about zoos. They practise adverbials, then write a persuasive letter asking a zoo-owner to take good care of animals.

Download Year 4 Week 7 Day 2

Day 3 – Children write descriptions of foxes. They read a poem about foxes and learn about secret strings. They find these in a second poem about foxes.

Download Year 4 Week 7 Day 3

Day 4 – Children write descriptions of the sea. They read three poems about the sea, answering reflective questions and writing a comparison.

Download Year 4 Week 7 Day 4

Day 5 – Children write a description of a storm. They read three poems about storms, finding powerful language and answering questions.  

Download Year 4 Week 7 Day 5


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