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Year 1 Home Learning - Week 13

Year 4 English (wc 13.07.2020)

Hi Everyone,

Please find below details of this weeks English work.

Summary of content

Day 1 – Reading the first half of an Ananse story. Answering questions. Making predictions.    

Day 2 – Finishing the Ananse story. Revising how to identify and use adverbials in sentences stimulated by the story. 

Day 3 – Writing about a character. Planning and writing a story.

Day 4 – Read poems and learn about odes. Answer questions, reflect and annotate poems.

Day 5 – Read a poem and look for the features of an ode. Plan and write a poem in the same style.

The ‘timetable’ for this week’s teaching and learning is as follows

Day 1 – Children read the first half of a story about Ananse. They answer questions and then make predictions about the end of the story.

Download Year 4 Week 8 Day 1

Day 2Provide some input, using the PowerPoint presentation* on adverbials. If children access this PowerPoint, they hear the voice-over teaching. Children read the second part of the story. They practise spotting adverbials and then re-write sentences with new adverbials.

Download Year 4 Week 8 Day 2

Download Adverbials with audio

Day 3 – Children write about the character Ananse. They use an illustration to plan a story which they then write, trying to include adverbials in their writing.     

Download Year 4 Week 8 Day 3

Day 4 – Children read a poem: Spaghetti, Spaghetti. They read about odes and poetic terms. They read further odes, reflect on them and annotate them.

Download Year 4 Week 8 Day 4

Day 5 – Children read another ode. They use a template to plan an ode about their favourite food. They write their ode out carefully.

Download Year 4 Week 8 Day 5


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