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Year 4 English (wc 20.07.2020)

Hi everyone,

Here is the English work for the last week of term. There will be no more work posted after this week, so I hope you can enjoy your 5 week summer holiday doing lots of fun activities.

Summary of content

Day 1 – Reading a poem, Hero Dad by Grace Nichols. Then revise and identify determiners.

Day 2 – Re-reading the poem and identifying the determiners then changing these to see the effect on meaning. Writing a poem in the same format.  

Day 3 – Listening to a story being told by an African story-teller. Reading more stories and summarising these in one sentence.      

Day 4 – Watching a story-teller for the second time, choosing a favourite story, plotting a storyboard and retelling the story. 

Day 5 – Identifying conjunctions and adverbials in an African story. Writing a story.

The ‘timetable’ for this week’s teaching and learning is as follows

Day 1Provide some  input, using the PowerPoint presentation* on determiners. If children can access this PowerPoint, they will hear the voice-over teaching. Children read the poem, ‘Hero Dad’. They practise identifying and choosing determiners. They write about an imaginary adventure.

Download Year 4 Week 9 Day 1

Download Determiners with audio

Day 2 – Children read ‘Hero Dad’ again. They identify and swap the determiners in the poem. They write their own hero poem, using a scaffold.

Download Year 4 Week 9 Day 2

Day 3 – Children watch an African story being told. They read four more African stories and write single sentence summaries about them.

Download Year 4 Week 9 Day 3

Day 4 – Children read three more stories from Africa. They watch the story-telling video again, looking for techniques. They practise a telling of one of the stories.

Download Year 4 Week 9 Day 4

Day 5 – Children compare two versions of a story. They identify the use of conjunctions and fronted adverbials in one. They write a version of the story that they told on Day 4.     

Download Year 4 Week 9 Day 5


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