Breakfast and After School Club

First Day Update

Thank you so much to everyone for their support and kind co-operation today. It has been absolutely wonderful to welcome all of the children back to school and they have been brilliant at following the new rules in order to keep everyone safe. 

As everyone understands these are very unusual times and we are having to put in place extensive arrangements which have made changes to how our school day looks. As we have said previously, we will constantly review the arrangements and may need to make some changes as we go along. Thank you for bearing with us today. 

Just a reminder that the information about drop off and pick up times was included in the July and August newsletters, is on the school website, available via a link on our Facebook, on the front door and window near the playground entrance gate. In addition this information is now also on the front gate and the entrance gate. I will be opening the front gate again tomorrow morning and will call in the year groups as I did this morning. 

As we mentioned in our back to school video we would recommend parents / carers to wear face coverings during drop off and pick up for the safety of our school and wider community. Using our one-way system and moving through our playground as promptly as possible will also help. Please ensure that you do not walk through the middle of children and parents when they are lining up.

Finally, we understand that this is a trying time for everyone and emotions may be running high but we can not accept swearing and verbal abuse on the playground or towards our school staff. 

We will do all we possibly can to make the arrangements we have in place run smoothly  and make changes when needed but your continued co-operation as parents / carers, especially as good role models for your child, is much appreciated. 

Be kind and stay safe

Mrs Bradbury 




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