Team Kingsway 5th March
Reminder for Parents / Carers

Team Kingsway 12th March

Hello Team Kingsway

Well what a week to return to school. We were hoping for a sunny start but instead had rain and gales! It has been great to see everyone return and the sound of children excitedly engaging with their learning has once again filled the building.

This is a tricky time in many ways. Children are getting to know each other again and catching up on all of the social interactions they have missed. It can be quite challenging for some children but we are here to support in any way we can. Please continue to contact your child’s class teacher if there is anything which you are unsure about so that we can work together to make sure all children can settle back in to school life successfully.

This is also a tricky time due to the need to follow all of the guidance to ensure that Covid-19 doesn’t rise once again, resulting in another lockdown. In the information shared with parents and carers ahead of our return on 8th March I emphasised the need to follow the school’s guidance and this was repeated in a poster school sent out to parents on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council.

I have attached the poster but the main points are as follows;

  • Not mixing with others outside of school or nursery - even if children are in the same bubble, the strict measures in place reduce the risks.
  • Following the guidance from your school or nursery when dropping off and picking up, as well as the wearing of face coverings if requested.
  • Encouraging your family to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly, keeping a safe (2m) distance from others and wearing a face covering when required
  • Getting anyone in your family with symptoms tested and the whole household self-isolating immediately
  • Taking a free twice weekly test if you don’t have any symptoms:

Please help us by following the all of the guidance so that we are able to keep all children in school.

Download Back to School Covid Poster


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