Team Kingsway 19th March
Diary Dates

Team Kingsway 26th March

Hello Team Kingsway

Unfortunately, for quite a few of us this hasn’t been the week we were hoping it would be. We are grateful to everyone who has shown understanding, patience and kindness during these challenging times. Remaining calm, reassuring and positive undoubtedly has a positive impact on your child’s ability to cope with the changing situation and our main focus in school at the moment is the wellbeing of all of Team Kingsway.

We understand the frustration arising from a year of lockdowns and restrictions. Children can become confused and find it difficult to understand why we still follow the Covid school procedures put in place from September when this may not be their experience outside of school.

As we gradually, and hopefully, move out of lockdown and there are changes to restrictions in place please ensure that you are continuing to follow the government guidance. We will continue to request that parents / carers wear face coverings whist on the school site, maintain 2m social distancing, use the one-way system in place and exit the school site as quickly as possible following drop off and pick up.

When you have collected your child please make sure that you keep them under your close parental supervision and that they are not running around the playground area. If you have to wait on the playground for any reason or you are waiting in front of school your child should be stood next to you. We have unfortunately had some issues with children on scooters racing through the gate and across the playground. If your child does come to school on a scooter please make sure that they get off their scooter once on the school site. Thank you for your support in keeping your child and other members of Team Kingsway safe.

Please see the link below for government guidance regarding the Covid-19 response for Spring 2021.

COVID-19 Response - Spring 2021 (Summary) - GOV.UK (



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