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Hello Team Kingsway 23rd April

We had a brilliant start to the Summer term and it was great to see everyone again. The children were settled and working really hard and there was a fantastic learning atmosphere around school. We have been lucky with the weather lately …..hopefully it will continue so please send children with hats / sun cream (or apply all day sun cream at home) on sunny days.

I have added some event remainders to Class Dojo on the school story page. We hope that there will be more dates as we move through the Summer term and lockdown is eased further allowing us to engage in more school events.
So far we have;
May Day (school closed) – Monday 3rd May
Individual School Photos – Wednesday 5th May
Parents’ Evening – Tuesday 18th May
Parents’ Evening – Wednesday 19th May
INSET Day – Friday 28th May

It has been much easier for the children coming into school wearing their PE kit for their PE days. As we don’t waste any time getting changed, this helps give a little more learning time in the current circumstances. Unfortunately, we have noticed that some children are not wearing any of the correct PE of black joggers / leggings (or shorts as the weather gets warmer), black sweatshirt / jumper and a plain white t-shirt. As you will appreciate, a uniform or school PE ensures children are wearing appropriate clothing and reduces the cost of buying the latest branded clothing in order to keep up with their peers.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has continued to support the school procedures in order to limit the spread of Covid. Please bear this mind when waiting for children in our younger year groups to come out and maintain social distancing from other parents / carers.


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