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School Meals

The cost of a school meal for your child in September is £2.35 Dinner money is to be paid by Scopay or collected on Monday mornings by Mrs Barker and children do not have to stay all week, they can stay for as many days as they wish, as long... Read more →

Water Update!

I can confirm that when I left school at 6.45pm the water supply had still not been restored. The reply we received from Severn Trent when we reported the issue this afternoon just explains that the issue is being dealt with. There is information available on the Severn Trent website... Read more →


Unfortunately, at Kingsway we currently have no water. As you will appreciate this means no water for drinks, toilet flushing and hand washing on a very hot day. Due to this we will need to close the school. We have been in touch with Severn Trent and their response is... Read more →