Kingsway KIT Assemblies
Parent Governor Nominations

Kingsway KIT Book Assembly 24th September

Well done to the following children for being recognised by their class teachers for our weekly theme of caring about the feelings of others. These children have been considerate, supportive and help others to feel happy.

This is part of our KINGSWAY K.I.T. Autumn term theme of Kindness and which we will be looking at throughout the term.

Red Butterflies – Maddox M and Luna S
Blue Butterflies – Leo E and Florence M
Ladybirds – Ivy B and Bentley A
Dragonflies – Taylor-Mae K and Shayan B
Bees – Faith C and Ollie B
Grasshoppers – Bobby B and Macie R

Bramblings – Eva H and Finlay M
Nightingales – Scarlett S and Oscar J
Wrens – Emiley A and Niamh L
Robins – Tilly D and Jaydon H
Falcons – Sophie-Leigh A and Alfie F
Hawks – Maddison M and Rocco A
Eagles – Rosa B and John A
Owls – William C and Caitlyn M

Well done to everyone!


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