Message from Mr Wilson
October Parents' Evenings

Update from Mr Wilson

Hi everyone. I have had a meeting with Councillor Dale Grounds (Kingsway Ward) and Antonio Taylor (Anti-Social Behaviour Manger) from Ashfield District Council. We had a frank discussion about the issues around Kingsway Park and I included parents concerns from the comments on my post from last Friday.

Intially, they have agreed to increase the visits from the Community Protection Officers and from the police through PCSO's. Presently they are done on a Friday, Saturday and a Sunday where they visit three times a day. This will be upgraded to include all days of the week. The council will send into school CPO's to talk to the children.

Both Dale and Antonio were quite clear that if you see anything on the park please report this to the police as soon as possible.

Councillor Dale Grounds is also keen for people to contact him directly with their concerns and he will also liaise with the council and police. So, please contact him to voice your opinion and ideas.

His details are as follows:
Email - [email protected]
Phone - 07383441440

The final thing I want to mention is there will be a meeting about these issues in the very near future that will be held at school on a Saturday where representatives of the council and police will attend for a discussion forum.

So this is a start and please voice your opinion to the people mentioned above, report things you see and come to the meeting once a date has been finalised.

Many thanks


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