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REMINDER: Flu Vaccination - Tuesday 30th November

Covid-19 Update

On 9th November, via class dojo, we shared a ‘Warn and Inform’ letter from Public Health England regarding confirmed cases of Covid in the school community. We also asked, in order to support us in keeping our school safe and operating, if parents and carers would consider wearing a mask whilst on our school grounds.

From 10th November we put further mitigating actions in place, such as class bubbles in certain year groups where cases were high. We also continued with hand sanitising and ventilation. We continue to work with our local public health team and do what we can as a school to maintain the children’s learning.

Unfortunately, the confirmed cases in the Ashfield area have risen and this has a direct impact on what we experience in school. From our discussions with parents we need to clarify what happens if there is a positive case in the household. The following advice to parents and carers is from the website;
‘Pupils who are a close contact of someone who has tested positive for covid-19 do not need to self-isolate. They should instead get a PCR test and should only self-isolate if positive.’

We will continue to do what we can within the school setting and would welcome your support. This will have an impact on the Christmas activities we would usually planned before confirmed covid cases and are currently exploring the options available to us.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Mrs Bradbury and Team Kingsway


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