Autumn 2 Knowledge Mat
Weekly Attendance Winners!!!

Kingsway KIT Book - whole school 8th November

Well done to the following children for being recognised by their class teachers for our weekly theme of making our school a good place to be. These children have been helping to make school feel great by being positive, working hard, supporting others, being good role models who make the right choices, making others smile and showing great friendship. The list is endless!

This is part of our KINGSWAY K.I.T. Autumn term theme of Kindness and which we will be looking at throughout the term.

Red Butterflies – Reece G and Maisie D
Blue Butterflies – David A and Jessica B
Ladybirds – Coral D and Piper-Star K
Dragonflies – Logan B and Olivia O
Bees – Willow B and Grayson L
Grasshoppers – Lexi P and Emily W
Bramblings – Georgea K and Milton H
Nightingales – Kinley P and Isabelle R
Wrens – Owen P and Emelia R
Robins – Sharon E and Darcey B
Falcons – Jasmine O and Archer P-C
Hawks – Yasmin K and Harley T
Eagles – PJ B and Alexis M
Owls – Harry D and Lyra-Grace M


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