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Happy Friday Team Kingsway

Well, what a hectic week! Despite the challenges, we have managed to keep everyone learning through our Kingsway Curriculum. Thank you to everyone for their kindness and support towards school during this tricky time. We hope to see all of Team Kingsway fully recovered and back together soon.

It may have been a tough week but there have been lots of successes and proud moments this week to keep everyone motivated.

The whole of Year 5 visited the National Holocaust Centre on Thursday, which was International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Their level of interest, respect and behaviour was something to be really celebrated and I was so proud to hear such positive feedback from staff and visitors at the centre.

I have seen some brilliant writing, and learnt a few things about Polar Bears, from Year 2, Mr Wilson saw some brilliant Maths problem solving and Viking work in Year 3 and there was great Stone Age art in Year 4. Year 6 have shown resilience today in bringing their work up to expectations as they prepare for their next step.

And not forgetting the whole of Foundation and Key Stage 1 who give the most enthusiastic waves and cheers during our Friday Kingsway KIT assembly. I think they bring a smile to everyone’s face!

We hope that you all enjoy your weekend. Stay safe and be kind.

See you all again on Monday.

Mrs Bradbury and all the staff at Kingsway.



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