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January 2022


We are so pleased that we are able to have the pantomime Cinderella visit us on Monday 17th January as part of our Traditional Tales week. In order to make this as Covid safe as possible for the children, Foundation and Key Stage 1 will watch from the downstairs hall... Read more →


We respectfully ask that when you are parking at pick up and drop off times that you consider the implications for pedestrians and local residents. Please be courteous to the adults and children around you. Please avoid parking on the double yellow lines, blocking the pavement or driveways and avoid... Read more →

Snowy Weather!

Outdoor lunch time play cut a little short today by the snow. We have noticed some children wearing thin coats with no hoods, no hats or gloves. If it continues to snow you may need to bring a thicker coat etc for your child for the end of day school... Read more →