Kingsway KIT Book F2 and KS1
Weekly Attendance Winners

Kingsway KIT Book – Key Stage 2

Kingsway KIT Book – Key Stage 2

Well done to the following children for being recognised by their class teachers for our weekly theme of setting realistic goals for themselves. These children have been challenging themselves both in each lesson and with longer term goals.

This is part of our KINGSWAY K.I.T. Spring term theme of Independence and which we will be looking at throughout the term

Bramblings – Georgea K and Milton H
Nightingales – Eden S and Charlie G
Wrens – William S and Colton L
Robins – Dylan W and Poppy R
Falcons – Shola E and Michelle T
Hawks – Jude S and Madison S
Eagles – Isaac B-H and Lacey H
Owls – Lyra-Grace M and Akisha P


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