Kingsway Kindness Ambassadors
Weekly Attendance Winners

Kingsway KIT Book - whole school

Well done to the following children for being recognised by their class teachers for our weekly theme of showing focus and concentration. These children have shown great listening skills and amazing focus on their learning.

This is part of our KINGSWAY K.I.T. Spring term theme of Independence and which we will be looking at throughout the term.

Red Butterflies – Georgia-Mai M and Kian D
Blue Butterflies – Cohen G and Eliza M
Ladybirds – Erin H and Skyla C
Dragonflies – Ivy B and Olivia O
Bees – Bradley S and Frankie S
Grasshoppers – Emile S and Bobby B
Bramblings – Eva H and Amelia P
Nightingales – Kinley P and Jacob G
Wrens – Jacob H and Lily R
Robins – Jacob B and Sophie B
Falcons – The whole class
Hawks – Candice D and Harry S
Eagles – Connie C and Izzy V
Owls – Tyler R and William C


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