Team Kingsway 7th January


We respectfully ask that when you are parking at pick up and drop off times that you consider the implications for pedestrians and local residents. Please be courteous to the adults and children around you. Please avoid parking on the double yellow lines, blocking the pavement or driveways and avoid blocking the cemetery access.

Our gates open at 8.45am for the children to come onto the school site and line up with their class. Teachers stand with their class therefore parents do not need to wait with their children in the line and can leave the school site. This is in order to help to avoid crowding in the playground and ease congestion on the roads.

In order to support in improving road safety Nottinghamshire County Council’s CCTV enforcement vehicle will be used in the area around our school and there has recently been a traffic warden patrolling as well. For further details please see the link below.

Thank you for your support.


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