Kingsway KIT Assembly 29th April
Kingsway KIT Book Assembly 6th May

Team Kingsway 29th April

Hello Team Kingsway

A bit of a chilly week this week but at least it hasn’t rained.

We’ve all been very busy with our learning and I’m so pleased to see the pride children have when they see how much they have progressed with their leaning.

Year 6 have worked extremely hard with their SATs preparation, improving their reading efforts at home and researching South America for their project work.

I have seen some fantastic work in Year 5 about seeing things from other people’s perspectives during their learning about Greta Thunberg and what it means to be neurodiverse.

Robins Class have been enjoying their chocolate project learning about the process of creating chocolate from cocoa beans. Bit of a challenge with a tricky area of Maths for Wrens but they are mastering fractions to decimals.

Year 3 were out on the playground carrying out science investigations and their maths work collecting and representing data has been great.

In Year 2, Grasshoppers have enjoyed their writing linked to the book Wolves by Emily Gravett which is linked to their project work and Bees have been learning about fractions using the bar model.

Year 1 Dragonflies have been doing some amazing work in phonics and Ladybirds have been using non- fiction texts to find out about koala bears.

Butterflies have been working on making rhyming strings and doing some lovely writing.

What a lot to celebrate this week! It’s fantastic being the Head teacher of Kingsway!

We hope that you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend …. and that the weather is a bit warmer too! See you all again on Tuesday 3rd May

Mrs Bradbury and all the staff at Kingsway



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