Kingsway KIT Book Assembly 20th May
**Queen's Jubilee Dinner**

Team Kingsway 20th May

Hello Team Kingsway

Lots to celebrate again this week.

Tuesday was a very exciting day for Red and Blue Butterflies who went on their first school visit to White Post Farm. They were keen to share everything they had done during the day when they got back to school. Not only did they have a great time, but their behaviour was super as well.

Year 4 have just come back from their residential visit to Ilam Hall. What an active few days. They had a great time in kayaks and rafts at Carsington Water and also climbed a mountain (Thorpe Cloud!) It may be a quiet in some households this weekend whilst everyone catches up on sleep. That probably applies to the staff who supported on the visit too!

Back in school, Year 2 have now finished their SATs and they have worked so hard. I am sure that they have done themselves proud. I have seen some great writing in Year 1 which really shows the progress they have made so far this year. Our Year 3 authors are also developing well. I’m sure that they will reach the great persuasive writing Year 5 and 6 have been doing this week following some interesting research and debating.

We look forward to next week and especially to our Royal Tea Party on Friday afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Mrs Bradbury and all the staff at Kingsway.



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