Kingsway KIT Book Assembly 24th June
Year 2 Visit to The Deep

Team Kingsway 24th June

Hello Team Kingsway

What a lovely sunny week. It is so nice to enjoy the warm weather and we hope that it continues for our upcoming events. Just a reminder to send children with hats and water bottles every day and to put on sun cream as we continue our outdoor curriculum activities and break times.

Everyone really enjoyed being back together as our wider Team Kingsway community for our Jubilee tea party. We are really looking forward to this again with our Summer Fair and Sports Day events – it’s always great to have a crowd for Sports Day!

Although we are in our final few weeks of this academic year, the children have still been working incredibly hard. They have been reflecting on the progress they have made this year and it shows the benefit a year without lockdowns has made to their learning. During the two years of Covid over a third of school weeks were lost to lockdown and everyone in school continues to put in a huge amount of effort to catch this up. Considering what they have been through, it is amazing how the children have coped and it makes us very proud of them.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Mrs Bradbury and all the staff at Kingsway.



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