Hello Team Kingsway 1st July
Summer Reading Challenge 2022

Kingsway KIT Book Assembly - 1st July

Well done to the following children for being recognised by their class teachers for our weekly theme of encouraging others to join in. These children have been working well in a group, have a friendly approach to others and are great team players.

This is part of our KINGSWAY K.I.T. Summer term theme of Teamwork and which we will be looking at throughout the term.

Red Butterflies – Keira G and Maddox M
Blue Butterflies – Joshua M and Mohamad A
Ladybirds – Ollie S and Alexa G
Dragonflies – Leah T and Logan B
Bees – whole class
Grasshoppers – whole class
Bramblings – Georgea K and Amber F
Nightingales – Riley P and Charntice M
Wrens – William S and Georgie S
Robins – Lexie-J H and Lexi M-H
Falcons – the whole class
Hawks – Candice D and Yasmin K
Eagles – Colby M and Isaac B-H
Owls – Caitlyn M and Tyler V



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