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Pupil Safety - bikes and scooters

Just a reminder about bike and scooter safety on the way to school and on the school site as we want to keep all of our children safe.

Since the start of the Autumn term we have spoken to the children about the rules for bikes and scooters on the school site and provided safety advice for their journey to and from school. We have always said that no bikes and scooters should be ridden on the school site under any circumstances. This means getting off the bike / scooter at the front gate which goes onto the pavement and walking it round once the main gate is open. The same applies at the end of the school day where bikes / scooters should be walked off the school site.

Unfortunately, some children have been riding round the front of school, riding through the side gate and riding on the playground at the end of the day. There have been incidents where children have also been observed riding dangerously on their way to school, riding across driveways and roads without looking. In all situations other children and parents have been knocked into or injured.

We have also warned about the dangers of waiting on the driveway next to the school, which is private property. This is especially important as the gate is left open. Children are standing further up the driveway and vehicles now don't have to slow down to open the gate.

Obviously we do not want anyone to be hurt and we would like to still provide the option for children to bring bikes / scooters and for older children to walk to school independently, but only if they are able to do so safely. Please speak to your child and ensure they understand the expectations and the consequences of their choices. We will contact individual parents directly where further action needs to be taken to ensure safety.

Many thanks in advance of your support in keeping your child and others safe.



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