Ofsted News Report
Team Kingsway 27th January

Kingsway KIT Book Assemblies 27th January

Kingsway KIT Book Assemblies

For the whole of the Spring Term our Kingsway KIT focus will be independence. Each week there will be a different weekly theme linked to developing the children’s independence skills.

Well done to the following children for being recognised by their class teachers for our weekly theme this week of showing focus and concentration. These children have been putting a lot of effort into their work, increasing their concentration in lots of different lessons and setting a good example to others.

Butterflies – Lexi H and Hallie C
Ladybirds – Joseph S and Alfie B
Dragonflies – Maisie D and Jenson G
Bees – Oliver S and Emilia D
Grasshoppers – Janet A and Harrison M
Bramblings – Freya G and Emily W
Nightingales – Faith C and Bravan P
Robins – Holly M and Millie D
Wrens – Kinley P and Kamryn K
Falcons – the whole class
Hawks – the whole class
Eagles – CJ J and Kian A
Owls – Lawson L and Jasmine O


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