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Another fantastic week with Team Kingsway!

Lots of reading is taking place, both at home and at school, which is really helping the children to develop their skills. I have given out lots of Rainbow Reads certificates in Foundation and Key Stage 1 assemblies and there are Bookflix and Starbooks winners in Key Stage 2.

Teachers have put Knowledge Mats and Newsletters for the Spring Term on their class pages so that you can see the exciting learning coming up. We are keen that children don’t miss out on the opportunities provided at Kingsway and that they can develop all the skills they need as they move through school. With this in mind we are tracking attendance and will be in touch with you were there are any concerns. Our main aim is that we can help improve attendance by offering further support where needed. In order to help you plan for next academic year, the Nottinghamshire school holidays for 2023- 2024 are already on our school website.

We hope that you all have a great weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Mrs Bradbury and all the staff at Kingsway.


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