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Kingsway KIT Book Assemblies 24th February

For the second half of the Spring Term our Kingsway KIT will continue to focus on independence. Each week there will be a different weekly theme linked to developing the children’s independence skills.

Well done to the following children for being recognised by their class teachers for our weekly theme this week of finding a different way to do something (creativity).
These children have been showing great problem solving skills, using different approaches to work things out and explaining their methods to help others.

Butterflies – Joudi A and Alicia P
Ladybirds – Alex D and Alfie B
Dragonflies – Alicia P and George B
Bees – Max M and Karis J
Grasshoppers – Fabian P-T and Jasmine P
Bramblings – whole class
Nightingales – whole class
Robins – Eva H and Tyler A
Wrens – Jacob G and Beth VDM
Falcons – Georgie S, Jacob B and Esme W
Hawks – Colton L and Riley W
Eagles – Noah B-S, Finley K and Rocco A
Owls – Finn L and Shola E


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